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Your appSAVE system is simply the single most powerful advertising and customer engagement platform in existence.

First, we have some links to help you better understand it's full potential. If you have seen this before consider this a refresher.

You have considered us for a number of reasons and I'm betting a Big One is because what you are doing now more than likely Isn't Working.

Businesses fall into the rut of doing the same things over and over and yet somehow expecting a different result.
Isn' that the Definition of Insanity?

Watch these 2 movies >

Traditional Advertising no longer works.
It's typically based upon 100 to 200 year old technology.

It no longer works and we'll PROVE IT.

Customers want Deals on Their Terms

They need a REASON to click on your message, and once there several things need to happen.

Your customers want to receive information and deals On Their Terms, When and Where THEY Want. The sooner you realize this the more successful you will be.

We give  the customer a level of control that is Totally Unique to our products. No Other System even approaches what we have.

Customers LOVE our system because they can Filter Out all that Noise!

They are no longer Constantly Blasted with stuff that doesn't interest them.

They decide what they want to see and when.
They decide the categories they like.
They decide to "Pin" offers so they can redeem later.

In short, They are in Control.

Our appSAVE® system is Unique to this industry. And when you add our appVOLV system to the push notification capabilities, you are truly in a class by yourself.

For example, do you want to deliver your message and content the same way everyone else does?

OR, do you want to be Unique? Ever heard of Vid-Mail

So just Who Is your Customer?
What are they Looking For?

  1. They are NOT looking to join any new deals that constantly blast out ads. They have that now and are trying to eliminate them all.
  2. They DO want to find engaging content pertinent to their needs.
  3. The majority of them will pay extra for better products and services.
They Want:
  • Informaiton Pertinant to them NOW.
  • ON-OFF and Do-Not-Disturb Control.
  • A way to Filter the different deals to be in line with their needs and wants.
  • Find What they are looking for, WHEN they want it.
  • Speed of Delivery in a Well Organized Message.
  • A Simple, Auto-Pilot Loyalty Program that works with All Merchants.
  • A way to turn certain categories ON-OFF with One Click.
  • Informaiton about certain items when they are near that item, not when they are out of town.
  • Key information about an item just by them approaching it or even by picking it up.

Applying the Success Principles to Your Business

There is a LOT to our system, as you have already seen. It's so far beyond anything else out there that nobody is even in our categury. We have systems in place and already working, systems they are only still dreaming about.

This site will walk you through some of the things you can do in order to get the Most out of your appSAVE® system. It's constantly being updated as we grow and as more information comes in on what is Hot and what is Not.


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On that link we discuss things you can do to Rocket your business to the top.


  • Additional tools and systems are constantly being added.Grow Your Business
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