A Reminder

We showed you this previously and wanted to make sure you saw it. It's time for you to Truly Market Smarter with this FREE tool that blows the doors off anything your Webmaser has.



The reason we show you appVOLV is there is simply no other system out there that can deliver your messages with this speed. In the mobile world speed is everything, and according to Google you have just 3 seconds or they are gone.

Understand that your GeoFence or Beacon will be sending out the messages you want, and if you wish to send out full page links or a website, it MUST arrive in a timely manner or you have wasted the money and effort you spent. 

The Water Park has a Geo-Fence reminding mothers dropping off their kids that the park will be closed on Wednesday.
The Recreation Department reminds folks of  the Registration Deadline for Summer Baseball Leagues.
The Golf Course welcomes folks to the tournament and advises them of a 30-minute frost delay.
The High School has a notice at the Football Game about the Snack Bar.

AppVOLV comes in when you have links on your messages. When someone clicks that link on the message that was pushed out to them, they need to see it NOW.

A Symmary of The GeoFencing Function.


Location Based Marketing


We'll show you how to set your GeoFence, how to move it, how to increase or decrease the size, etc.
Beacons are also available for you to purchase direct.


You Control

What - When

A Scenario is What happens, when.
When someone enters a GeoFence perimeter, maybe I want them to be there for 5 minutes before they see the message. That way everyone just passing through quickly won't see it.
Maybe I want to let everyone see it but only Once a Day or Once a Week.
Maybe I want a different message when they Leave the area.
Unlimited Scenarios.


From your Dashboard

You Update

Everything is done through your Log-in panel on your computer.
You could even do it on your connected tablet. If remote adjustments are needed we recommend a Wi-fi connected laptop or tablet.
You are not limited by the number of folks who can administer as you merely share your log-in credentials, but there can only be one in the system at a given time.

Instant Delivery

Instant Message to everyone arriving.

"Welcome Bill, enjoy a 10% discount today only."

"The Auditorium entrance is closed for remodeling today, use the South Building Entrance."

"Welcome to the Tournament, we are having a 30 minute Weather Delay because of Frost. Find your assigned cart numbers and enjoy the Continental Breakfast sponsored by Discount Tire."  (Then that link to Discount Tire needs to be Instant. Think how Discount tire wants their message to be displayed, do you think they want to have customers waiting? Think this feature will help you get sponsors for your next event?)