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A Do-it-yourself system.

You get your own log-in and control panel so you can do what you need done.
We are available for an initial consultation by phone and if needed, an evening session vial Web Conference.

You aren't left hanging out to dry, this is a powerful system and we here here to help you succeed.


You will Log-in to your system with your username and password, then make the changes you need.
You have the Control.

It's Your System

Business Solutions

Rocket your business to levels you never dreamed possible.
We give you the tools, you have all the control.

You decide What, When, Where and even How.


  • You can tell the system when to send out your GeoFence messages, What to send and When.
  • Every system comes with the Analytics section so you can use this as you need in your business.

Your Options

When it comes to the control of your system you basically have Three Options.


This SmarterApp gives you everything you need to totally mange your own system.
Need to add a GeoFence, it's here.
Need to add or change a beacon, it's here.
Add additional Geofences or services, bingo. 


We start off with a 30 min. Free Consultation via. Web Conference and thereafter, when you need help we are either a free phone call away, or another consultation at $50/30 minute session.

We Do it All

When you want a professional managing your system so you get the most bang for your buck.
For a monthly fee, we take care of everything.
Let's talk, find out your goals and we'll negotiate a price.
NOTE: At any time you can take it over.

We give you a Virtual Door to your Business.

One of your keys to success is to Promote your system to Your Current folks.
You have a Free Trial, Why not see if it works?
Print off some literature to place around your location.

Here are some options currently available.
Print them off or save and have printed professionally.

Where is the all headed?

Think about this...

Folks, it's just around the corner.