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A lot of different systems say they will show you how to grow your business. What makes us different is we not only have the exclusive Tools and Systems to do that, we are the developers, we own the code. The Buck stops here.
We invite you to look at our systems and tools, then judge for yourself if we are different.

So what can you expect here?

  • Why GeoTargeting Makes Sense.
  • What you do Next.
  • The Best ways to Promote.
  • Information on our Do-it-yourself system with How-To.
  • Updates and Information.
  • Some Great Smarter Tools


Note the Do-it-Yourself link above. That is a complete site that shows everything you need know about controlling your system.
(It's a redirect and doesn't open a new windows because it's such a complicated site.) 

Spend some time on that site and decide how you Promote.
The Promote link above goes into some literature and other issues that can also help.

Note the menu just below the graphic. There are some additional pieces of information there.

Beacons: If you already have beacons you can set them up to work with our system. If you don't here are a few:
Estimote  Most Popular.
Kontakt  Second Most Popular.
Redius (USA Made with Best Pricing)
Gimbal (USA Made, most features but expensive.)

Some additional information:
  • Consider a GeoFence to bring folks in the door.
  • Then consider a Beacon to direct them to a specific area of the store.
  • In a Mall you would have one GeoFence set to a longer range, then others in store set to short range.
  • You can even map your store by placing additional beacons so folks can find exactly what they are looking for when they enter, with the GooPlus feature.
  • Estimote Stickers can even activate a message merely by a customer picking something up.
  • That can be activated to a Mobile Device or to a Display Monitor.

    The thing to remember is you need to adapt and move with the times.   
    Their failure to adapt killed them.

Resides in the cloud and is Portable.
It does require a point on a map, the best being an address because we tie into Google Maps.

There are different types of Beacons and our system lets you decide how you want them to react. For instance, set the distance to the lowest setting and that would activate when someone puts their phone very close, like a "TAP".

QR Codes are easy to make and control. Just use a QR Code Generator, say where you want it to redirect, copy and you are done.

Built into your system will be several ways you can display what you want on a direct link from the app.
But another thing you can do is have it redirect to your own system through appVOLV. When you are ready to talk about this we can help.

This is a critical part of your busienss. In fact, when all is said and done, customer loyalty can make or break your business so doesn't it make sense to do it Right?
Check that section out on the

What happens if a prospect enters your store and doesn't purchase, or what about someone who hasn't been in for a period of time.
Our Retargeting feature just may be your answer.


Businesses throughout the country, including some major chains, are dropping like flies because they failed to realize TWO important facts.
  • They failed to recognize the Importance and Sheer Power of the Mobile Device.
  • They didn't effectively incorporate Location Based Marketing.

Knowing this, it boils down to one phrase, Smarter.Marketing.
If you deliver your message to the customer at the right time and in the proper context, it WILL get their attention and bring in more of them.

  • A special Deal to get their attention and bring them in.
  • A Reward for coming in more often.
  • A Reminder of an upcoming special event.
  • A Poll asking for their help..."We are considering adding THIS or THAT to our line, would that be of interest to you?"
    Think about this one for a second. You have a vendor promising this item will sell like hotcakes, it's a special deal but only if you buy 500. How valuable would information like this be to help you make the decision to invest in more inventory?
  • A Reward for coming in more often.special Deal to get their attention and bring them in.
  • A Reward for coming in more often.
  • An Indoor Roadmap showing them where to find different items in your location.
  • Analytics to know how successful your Geofence or Beacon is or even where they came from.
  • Retarget to them if they leave without purchasing, or even later after a certain amount of time has passed and they haven't been back.

Essentially, it's Your App.

Your Free Trial is a great way to get to know the app and figure it out.
In addition, you'll want to promote it to everyone who comes into your operation because during your free trial, that's FREE advertising.

We don't expect you to take a subscription unless you see some results or are expecting some very soon. After all, why would you continue if you didn't?

  • This graphic shows some of the steps you would need to take if you tried to develop your own app.
  • In addition to the time commitment, there is a major dollar commitment if you want to do it right, many times in excess of $100,000.
  • You need all these steps twice because you must address both Apple and Android.
  • In fact, Google thinks Native Apps are dying.