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Understand that the Customer Has Control

Everything you do needs to revolve around this one concept.

It's NOT about simply Blasting out messages to anyone who will listen, it's about Target Marketing with Surgical Precision.

Watch This Movie...

Here is a Brief Summary of what your new system can do.

Smarter Beacons
Smarter WiFi
Smarter Social
Smarter Loyalty
Digital Signage
Physical Web
QR Codes
Google Accelerated Web Pages
Google Progressive Web Apps

As you see, we have a Full Package.

For Instance, Beacons...

You may have previously been approached by a Beacon company.

If you went for it, How did that work out?
Probably not too well, they usually don't.

ENGAGE with Even More Power.

"Mobile has been absolutely Transformative because it's added that extra layer of Location."

A Summary of Beacons

There's More...

You can Get...

60-Day Free Trial
No Gimmicks
  • While we are in this early stage you get to test drive the system to see if it works for you.
  • Get the Details on this Free System.
  • Location Based.
  • Tied into the GPS System of Customers Phones.

You Get...

New Customers
  • NEW Customers that haven't been in your place before because of our Viral Growth Marketing system.
  • Our system reaches out and Finds them.
  • Then you bring them in because of your offer or special.


They have the Power
  • They personalize to their needs.
  • By Category, products, etc.
  • They even have a "Do Not Disturb" button.
  • The app runs in background mode so as not to affect battery life.


Biz Options
Stay free or Engage
  • You WILL pop-up on their screen.
  • If you want to Engage them, we have more options than any company in this space.

Beacons & GeoFences

Push Out
  • Customers love it because they see real-time information on businesses NOW.
  • It Unlocks the Power of their Phone WITHOUT them spendiing a Dime.
  • Totally FREE to the Customer.

More Business

  • You control what they see.
  • The WHEN is controled by the GeoFence or Beacons.
  • The WHAT is controled by your Online Interface.

Rich Text

Full Page Ads
  • Push Notifications using Rich Text Format for Full Display Effect.
  • Exclusive Feature.
  • Push out Full Page Google AMP Links.

Pick and Choose

You choose the options best for your business
  • Never pay for features you don't need.
  • Add or remove "Spots" at will.
  • No Contracts, quit anytime.

Google AMP and Progressive Web App Technology

And Free
  • Google has made No Secret of what they want.
  • Your Webmaster probably hasn't shown you this.
  • Chances are your Online Rankings are already plummeting, want to know why?


Rules of Engagement
  • As you saw on the "CRITICAL" section to the left, if you aren't compliant, your business is simply living on Borrowed Time.


Exclusive System
  • This is one sysyem you need to see.
  • We bring Google maps indoors.
  • This one feature makes app downloads go VIRAL.


Just Starting
More Coming
  • We have a list of features just around the corner.
  • Soon, when customers are in Map View, they will see your Logo at your Location.
  • How about Updating you system from your Tablet?
  • More on the way.

Some Notes

Offers, Specials, CouponsYou Control
GooPLUS...Think of it like Google+, Google Maps,
Google Places, RetailMeNot, YellowPages, Yelp,
Twitter and Facebook all rolled into one only on Sterroids.
Multitude of Features
"Nearby" and "Nearby Map" Offers for CustomersReal Time Business Contacts
Customer also has control.They can opt to receive simple
messages all the way up to
Full Page Color Rich Text Ads.
Speed RulesWe use a proprietary system that delivers
your message nearly instantly.
According to SOSA, you have just 2 seconds
and we achieve that number.
Customer DemographicsThis information helps you in many ways,
from targeting to retargeting.
Target MarketingWith the information above you can
do Direct, Target Marketing
all right through the system.
Push NotificationsFAR Superior to Texting, messages go directly
to the customers.
Up to the Minute Push Notifications.
You can react to business conditions
as they develop, in Real Time.
"Today from 1:00 till 3:00, 1/2 off on
all side orders."

Watch your slow day get busy.
Multi-LingualThe customer sets their phone to either
English or Spanish. Then ALL your messages
arrive in That Language.
Multi-Lingual with A.I. Technology.You send out one message, it's Auto-Translated
to the Language on their phone.
Multi-Lingual CouponsEven your Coupons are translated.
Grow as Needed.
Since our system is Menu based, you
choose the features you need and can
change as often as you need.
For instance, operate a Landscaping company?
You don't need a lot of advertisng in the winter
so why have all the features all winter?
Turn them off till Spring.