Getting App Users.

With Thousands of Apps already available for the Apple and Android operating systems, what would possibly cause someone to even consider downloading our app?

Google actually thinks Native Apps are dying.
So with only 1 in every 10,000 Apps out there being successful, 
we must give them a REASON to download ours. After all, Consumer App Downloads are the KEY to this whole thing.


Things have changed.

Customers Download our App because it's just One More Way they can have the control they want and Need.

It not only allows you to target your advertising with Surgical Precision, customers can control the types of ads they see and when.

The concept is catching on and consumers soon learn that they decide what they see and when as they adjust their preferences to their needs.



Door Sticker

This can be a table topper or Door Sticker.
It immediately conveys a Reason to Download with a True Benefit.


Google AMP Format

When the consumer clicks or scans, within less than TWO Seconds they are in the site.
This is the Google AMP format for near instant speeds, even if they are in a poor connection area inside a Mall.


All about the Benefits

Free is great but true benefits are even greater. When the consumer goes to the site some Strong Reasons are presented.
Go ahead, click on the Graphic.


Your Prospects and Customers are Already using apps.

Just look at everyone passing by your store. What are they doing?

Engaging Somebody, Probably not YOU.

Time for that to Change.

Just a Few Examples


Customer Loyalty

CLIK Loyalty System

This one feature will get customer downloads AND engagement.
Now, for the first time, they can have One Place for ALL their loyalty programs for All Merchants.


Unique Experience

The Silent Salesman

Here is another system you may not have seen before.
With the combination of appSAVE and the latest Google AMP technology, you can now be in a position to Beat the Big Boys at their own game.


Direct Connection

Customers stay Informed        

The customer now has a Direct Link to your business.
Why is this Important?


Create Campaigns

Scratch & Win

Create a Scratch & Win campaign where folks just scratch off right on their smart phone. It's a great way to get action.


Table Toppers and Flyers

Promote your App

The business Promotes THEIR app, they want to give their customers a Reason to download.
Special offer, join our Eclusive V.I.P. club, get creative.


Online Contest

Enter a Drawing

The business owner wants downloads, why not have a nice contest with a valuable prize to get downloads?

How Many Customers do you have?
Who are They?

What would it be worth to you to have those answers and have direct links to those valuable customers in a format that they welcome and like?


They Get Paid to Spread the Word

Incentivized App Users

We Incentivize app users to share.
They do it all, right through the app, and tell both other users and businesses about the app.
It's Push Button Marketing at it's best.


Soon 1,000's of customers

Every business will be promoting to All of their customers, compounding the number of app users daily.
As this starts to gain traction, soon Thousands of users will appear in each geographic area.


Local Events

Another way we add app users is through Local events like Flea Markets, Farmers Markets, Fairs, Rodeos, Car Shows, etc.
Event sponsors make the system available to  every vendor and there are signs to download at the entrances to the event. 100's will download.


Training for Business Clients

A training and update system that includes a monthly Video Newsletter on tips, tricks, how and why.
It has a training series up front that includes video How-To training.


Get ALL New Folks coming to an Area

Real Estate is a Very Competitive Business and we have a special presentation app dedicated to Realtors. Imagine every Realtor in your area promotng the app to All the new buyers.
In addition, all support businesses like contractors, Heating and AC folks, local shopping organizations, etc. will be promoting "their" app as well.
Everyone will want to be telling Every New Person to the area about "their" app.  1,000's will soon be in the app.


Golfers Love It

Golf courses are a natural for this.
They will promote to their golfers because now, when a golfer arrives in the parking lot, they can be presented with informaiton about today's event.
Or what about beacons on every tee marker, replacing thos static signs that don't say much. Now a business can have a Dynamic Advertisement about their business to every golfer as they approach the tee. Need to show a special or a new video, bingo.


Chambers of Coomerct

This is just an example. We are redoing the site slightly to reflect an introduction to a Chamber as this is geared to the Chamber Member, but we'll have both. We are currently doing three roll-outs through Chambers as they eat this up because we know how to package it in a way that their member base loves.


We take the D out of FUNDraising


Many organizations struggle with Fundraising.  It's just not FUN.
Now it can be because we remove the "D" and make it Fun.
Now only is our FunRaising project Fun, it's ongoing and even grows with time.


Keeping eveyone IN the Loop.

Imagine Every Parent ay your local High School with the app, or what about every student at your local College?
With the Free GeoTargeting feature, the organization can set up their syst em to announce as folks come near.
The possibilities are endless.

Shopping Malls


We give Mall administration their Free GeoFence so they can advertise to patrons, and also give them a % of all the monthly revenue that comes in from the Shops in the Mall. They have no expense or administration, we cover it all. 
In exchange, they promote the app at all entrances and also regularly promote to all their shops. We then approach all the shops for their own systems to bring folks into their locations.

Most mall shops will want several beacons.
First, a slightly more powerful one to reach out to folks in the hallways and bring them into the store.
Second, different beacons to direct folks to certain areas of their store or to certain items.

As more shoppers have the app, the more value it has to the business owner because they now have a way to capture some of that pass-by traffic they are currently missing.

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Why Users Download

There are Many Reasons, and this list is constantly growing.

  • Customers download One App for All Businesses.
  • Their same app works across town, across the country, across the World.
  • We are now in 2 Languages and will soon be in three states...and growing.
  • Customers are incentivized Right in the App to tell their friends.
  • Customers Like the "Unlock the Power of your Phone for Free" slogan, as well as the "Find Cash App."
  • Every Business is promoting to Their Customers.
  • Mall Owners are promoting to their Patrons.
  • Schools are promoting to Parents.
  • Churches are promoting to their Member Base.
  • Chambers of Commerce are also promoting to their Member Base as we work directly with the Chambers and give the member base a special deal continues as long as they are a Chamber Member.
  • The Loyalty factor alone prompts downloads.
  • appSAVE® is growing across the country and as this happens, more and more folks see the ads when they are Close to Merchants.

This is just a Summary and more reasons are constantly being added as our system grows.

For an end user to download an app their Must be a Very Compelling Reason.

We give them the ability to Engage with the Merchants they want, on Their Terms.

Why is this important?
"If you have not properly joined the mobile movement and your competition has, your company will soon become irrelevant."
Bill Gates, Microsoft

In fact, Google is DELISTING many sites.

App Users Download once they understand.

They will download because they All want the Same thing.

They must see Value to them.