Your Free Trial is a Great Way to kick the tires.

A word of Caution: You need to be serious about this because once it's going, it's the Single Most Effective and Least Espensive form of Customer Acquisition and Retention Available from Any Source!
AND, it's the Least Expensive as well.

While you have your free trial, and frankly well beyond that, you need to be promoting your App to EVERYONE who enters your location.
Now here's the beauty of our system.
  • You are promoting to everyone who comes in.
  • The business down the street is doing the same.
  • The businesses in the next county are also doing the same.
  • Churches, Schools, Events, Golf Courses etc., all doing the same.
Understand what is happening here. As folks from out of town arrive you are reaching them just by them being close to your business. Can you name One Other system anywhere that can do that?

Other than through our system, how can you advertise to folks in the next county so they come in when they arrive here? Sure, you could run ads in their area but can you afford that?
And even then, how effective would it be?

Together, we have the power. We Gang up on the Walmarts of the world.
We have a system even they cannot compete with because they are all trying to promote their app.

Therein lies the biggest problem of having you own app.
Take Walgreens, IKEA or Starbucks for instance. IKEA spent $Thousands on their app and who are they promoting to?
Folks they are already doing business with.
What about Walgreens? They are doing the same.
Will IKEA let Walgreens advertise to their folks? Of couse not.

Folks, that's what makes us different. We all help eachother.
All of Us are promoting the same app and there are Thousands of us.
Take That Walmart.

Some things to think about...

  • Download, print and Display the Literature.
  • Put it in a conspicious place so folks download the app.
  • Consider using your Free Trial on a Loyalty Program.
  • Stay Plugged in with this site. We will have tips and tricks coming soon.
  • Make sure you understand the different systems available to you. Visit
  • Refer 3 and yours is Free.

Refer THREE and Yours is FREE.
'Get 3 & UR Free.'

Once it starts working for you, why not tell other business owners?

Let us know if you want in on this program.

It works like this:

  • Your system starts working, you start seeing new customers (from your efforts and others businesses in the area.)
  • You merely send a businesses owner you know to the site,
    Make sure you let them know to inform us how they got there, through a referral from you.
  • They get their free trial and they join the Club.
  • When they convert to a paid member, you make a decision.
  • Decide if you want a one time $25 check or 1 point going towards your '3 & UR Free'. 
  • Once you hit 3 paid referrals, you qualify for One Free Spot for Life.
    Six referrals means 2 SPOTS, etc.
  • You literally have the chance to Help your business owner friends, with a product that will grow their bottom line, and in doing so, you just might get your advertising budget covered!

Camerea Ready

Here is One and more are on the way.
We'll have Loyalty banners, app banners like this, and more.


We are giving systems away to Churches, Schools, Golf Courses, Organizations, Cities, etc. Non-Profits of all kinds will soon have 1,000's of folks downloading the app and that means more eyes to your message.

A separate site,, is nearly done and will show any non-profit why this will work for them...and it is now and will remain FREE to them.

Customer Access

Soon you'll be understand more and more of the power behind this system. You will get better at engaging your customer base which in turn will Grow that Base.
When you understand what the customer wants and can deliver it to them in the way that they want, everyone wins.