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appSAVE is constantly growing.
In this section you will find information that can Help you Grow.

Below is a summary of some things to date...

  • Email Welcome and Update System
  • How To videos
  • Additional Products to Grow your Business
  • Tips and Tricks section with announcements on how to maximize each product to your benefit.
Our goal is to make your business soar and this section is constantly growing.

Current Promotons and Specials

End of Year Promotion -  October Through December (2018)
Any Customer who enters into an Paid Plan will get ONE of the below plans for Free.
The best part, this plan will STAY FREE as long as they keep their account current.
There is No End date as long as the order is placed in the Timeframe above. 


An exceptional system that allows for Coupons to be delivered where needed and when needed, on any device and anywhere.
See CouponXPRS


Imagine customers being able to Track their Delivery rather than having to wait around all day.
Plumber? Let the customer know When you will be there in Real Time.  See DeliveryXPRS


We have some Very Exciting things in our Growth Plans and Up.

See Below.


Booking System

(Doctors, Dentists, Home Repair, Salons & Spas, House Cleaners, etc.)
Customers can book and confirm their appointments right through the Whats-OUT App and every customer is individually tracked.
Book - Update - Confirm - Change - Reminders - etc.


Point of Sale (POS) System.

EXCLUSIVE System with support to multiple branches and multiple registers – also available a “restaurant” add-on with table management, Kitchen management, plus (chef & waiter views.)
Been to a restaurant that gives you one of those hand held beepers to let you know when your table is ready? They are maintenance Intensive and Expensive.
What if you did the same thing right through the customers Whats-OUT app, but not only did they get their notice when the table is ready, they are watching your promotions and ads while in your waiting area? Link to your souvenir sales, talk about specials, ask them to join your VIP club, etc.
It's a Silent Salesman in REAL TIME. Soon folks will even start telling their friends and this feature becomes VIRAL.


HR (Human Resource) System

Any company with employees has HR issues. Why not let the Whats-OUT app take some of the burden off your personnel by automating some of this process and at the same time, allow for Real Time information exchange?  There are numerous possibilities here...


Gym Managment System

An offshoot of the Booking System above but tailored to Gyms, Health Clubs, etc. It's another tool that will be a HUGE hit with your clients because they now have a way to manage their membersip and schedules, on the one device they always have with them, and through the One App they use more than any other, their Whats-OUT app.


School Management System

Schools and Colleges have a specific set of needs and direct communication to groups is a big one. This system allows for more control and real time communication than Any other system in existence, and can be just another part of Whats-OUT.


Ecommerce Website System

Savvi businesses are putting more and more of their shoppng online. Why? Because that's where the consumer is.
But the Big Issue has been Mobile Security. It works differently than websites.  But no longer, we have solved the issues.
How cool would it be to Intregate the consumers shopping right through the one app they use more than any other, their Whats-OUT App? No more need for End Users to go to site after site after site to get what they need. It ALL can be right where they spend most of their time anyway, in their Whats-OUT App.

Optimize Your

Business Operations!

Beyond the initial training, this Smarter App will be your source for refreshers, updates, new products, etc.

We also suggest you join our mailing list by sending an email to biz@Whats-OUT.com.  That's it, just send an email and it confirms your subscription, which will keep you in the loop.
(You may have to come back as this is currently under development.)


Our goal is simple.

We want to be The One Stop Shop for ALL your needs with Multiple Products.

As we add new products to our already expansive line, you get access to those as well.

For instance, have you heard about BizGetter.com? The name says it all.


The Difference is a


You will start out with Whats-OUT and as that starts bringing you more and more customers, but more importantly when you KEEP those customers for the long haul, sooner or later you will be curious about what else we offer.

We currently have multiple products to Grow your Business, and most of what we offer is Exlcusive. When you partner with Whats-OUT, you partner with a company that can Only Grow as You Grow. We have a vested interest in your success because if our products don't help you, we make no money.

Example, Video Marketing

Video is now the #1 Search Activity on the Web and Google gives preference to sites with Video.
The reason is simple, Google owns YouTube.
In fact, Sites that are not mobile friendly and cross device compatible with no video on the landing page are now being Delisted by Google!
Google has even published their Rules of Engagement, see below.

Do you realize you can do what you are seeing right now, all on your own, without a webmaster and for FREE?
Or, we can do it for you at a fraction of what your webmaster charges you.


As we expand Worldwide, our influence will keep growing.
Join us. Grow your Business and Tell your Friends.